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Pharmaceutical Industry Headlines – March

          P h a r m a   N e w s

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Asthma, ADHD, Arthritis, Antacids – Here is a list of 10 big drugs that aregoing to lose their patent by 2012! Attention Investors

Troubles brew for African Continent’s largest Pharmaceutical Industry – What Zimbabwean inflation has meant for access to medication in what was Africa’s Breadbasket

Pharmaceutical Industry – Pacecar of the Global Economic Recovery

Takeda Files NDA for new combination blood pressure medication (ARB + diuretic): Azilsartan Menodixil + Chlorthalidone

Sea change in the Pharmaceutical Industry means Mutualism: Pharma and Biotech – a match made in heaven

Protalix Therapeutics (PLX) experimental Gaucher’s Disease FDA application rejection causes stock jitters


5 Health Care Company Valuations to Check Out – Wih Caveats

Court Rules Pharmaceutical Reps are Salesmen – What this means for Drug Salespeople

Nader’s Campaign to Regulate Pharma’s Use of Social Media

Pharmaceutical Industry Rocked by Widespread Antacid Recalls