International Focus – Pharma News Around the World

This page is dedicated to headlines from around the Globe and the implications international pharma developments have here at home


America isn’t the only country that hates business. Australian Drug makers voice concern, betrayal at hands of “policies they say are causing the cruellest form of business uncertainty.”– April 1 2011

Great news for Poland’s Pharmaceutical Industry – March 31 2011

What’s Ailing India’s Pharmaceutical Industry? – March 30 2011

Canadian Film “Orgasm, Inc.” Delivers Insight into Pharmaceutical Industry—March 28 2011

UK Grants Boost to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries– March 24 2011

India-EU Trade Deal: What does it Mean for the Affordable Drug Supply? – March 24 2011

India flexes developing Pharma Muscle at Lagos, Nigeria Conference – All Eyes are on the Sleeping Tiger—March 24 2011

China’s Drug Pricing Structure and Cost Benefits place it in Strategic Advantage—March 23 2011

Find out World’s Perspectives on Pharma at DIA EuroMeeting—March 23 2011Gerresheimer Acquires Brazilian Company—March 23 2011

 Africa: Does the risk of infectious disease ever have a silver lining? Only

**Breaking Headline** – Japan

   Japan’s Pharmaceutical Industry pledges to stop medicine shortages in wake of catastrophic 9.0 quake – March 17 2011

India: Rising pace of globalisation has implications for The Sleeping Tiger’s advent pharmaceutical industry – international firms buying up Indian companies – March 17 2011

Africa: Does the risk of infectious disease ever have a silver lining? Only if it means tons of potential for pharmaceutical development in African countries – March 17 2011

China: Experts believe that by end of this year, China will have adopted a fixed pricing structure for pharmaceutical drugs in their constant march toward modernization – March 17 2011

India sets sight on another one of the world’s biggest developing economies – China – with regards to Pharma Industry – March 17 2011

Britain: Pharma Pricing Under Scrutiny – March 17 2011

India: Brains at Work – India Assembles Task Force to Strengthen its Pharma Sector – March 17 2011

In times of economic stagnation and uncertainty, world turns to Asia for innovation breakthroughs – March 17th 2011

Africa: Status of Pharmaceutical Industry in Nigeria and Ghana – March 14th 2011

India: Government eases investment jitters with promise to back-up the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry – March 15 2011

EU: ProtAffin given a patent for CellJammer technology -March 15 2011

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