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Health Stories – Straightening out Popular Misconceptions…

This weekly segment is devoted to addressing a different, popular misconception about health every week, and refuting it, citing sources and evidence.

This Week’s Topic: The Old “Vaccines-Causes-Autism” Peanut Gallery is Out, but it’s Not an April Fools Day Joke.

      This week, an article has been making its way around the blogosphere, claiming that the FDA wants the average american to receive, over his or her lifetime, over 100 doses of vaccines. They irrefutably link this to the “obvious” implication that clearly, vaccines = autism. Numbers and feelings are where this argument tends to stop. Oh – and the needless meddling of Jenny McCarthy, a licensed physician, pharmacist, and biochemist.

The following is a list of links to articles, medical journals, and papers written on the topic of vaccines and the fact they do NOT cause autism. Feel free to peruse the evidence, and leave a comment with your thoughts. Have a great weekend!

A 2011 CNN Article Discussing the Fraudulent Doctoring of a 1998 Study – the Original One Cited by Future Sources Claiming Vaccines have a Link to Autism

Science-based Medicine Journal: “Final Nail in the Coffin of Mercury-based Autism”

Medscape: Experts Claim Vaccines do not cause Autism

Psychology Today: Consensus has been Reached that Vaccines do not cause Autism

Danish Study Comparing Every Child born between 1991 and 1998, linking those who received the MMR vaccine to those who didn’t, proves vaccines are not linked to higher autism rates

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